While Microsoft launched the cloud version of their popular applications and productivity products in June of 2011, most small businesses are still trying to figure out what this product means for their company. Should they continue to pay for and use the premise-based software as they have always done, or should they move to the subscription-based cloud offering? Unfortunately, the answer to that is not any clearer today than it was in 2011 and requires research and guidance.

There are many potential benefits to moving your small business to Microsoft Office 365, but there are many challenges to consider. Each business needs to assess how the benefits and challenges will affect their needs, goals and work culture.


Microsoft Office 365 may be the next generation of the business applications you have relied on for years, but offers benefits for today’s more flexible and mobile work environment. For example:

  • Security and Reliability: The biggest concern for businesses using the cloud is the feeling of losing control of your business’ critical data. The Microsoft cloud-based products offer the highest level of security and boast of 99.99% “financially guaranteed” uptime. Also, your data is already on the cloud and therefore is automatically backed up.
  • Scalability: Unlike the premise based office products that you have bought in the past, Office 365 allows you to grow, or shrink, your investment in Office applications as your business requires.
  • Mobility: As more employees work offsite, the majority of Office 365 plans allow users the ability to access their Office applications and data from their mobile devices through mobile apps for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android.
  • Desktop Productivity: Each Office 365 subscription provides you with a fully installed version of the Office applications on all of your devices. One subscription allows you to install Office on five devices, giving you a consistent experience across all of your technology.

Should I move my business to Microsoft Office 365?

Before moving your business to Microsoft Office 365, make sure you weigh all of the pros and cons against your organization’s needs and goals. The reality is that Microsoft Office 365 will at some point be your only option for accessing the Office applications you have come to rely on. Today, the decision is still up to you. For assistance with deciding if Microsoft Office 365 is a good fit for your business, consult with our technology experts today for a free site survey! Visit us here

7 top reasons Why You Would Want To Try internet marketing

Online marketing is the top purpose why massive organizations or even small businesses turn to the internet. And as a commercial enterprise owner, you are most in all likelihood to be knowledgeable about the special advertising and marketing strategies to conduct. The internet is a globally innovated network that gives a big range of statistics and communication centers and platforms in which mass consumers are to march on to discover thousands and thousands of products and services available. So why not take the chance of introducing your service or product to the internet and be capable of accelerating your organisation’s income? We provide you 7 motives why you need to apply the internet as a marketing platform on your business.

To enhance product existence
whether or not you are a small commercial enterprise or a massive agency, whether you sell goods or provide services, you will nevertheless have quite a few opposition – and the first issue you want to do is to allow the purchasers understand approximately your organization and to have the consistency of permitting clients to discover your enterprise. advertisements are the primary and best method for attaining this benefit. As you benefit consistency on advertising your business enterprise, provider, or product, customers will much more likely come upon your advertisement with a view to lead them on your organization’s page or website allowing you to have clients view your enterprise’s goods or services.

Accessible to clients
In these days’s era, large numbers of humans everywhere in the world are digital immigrants and virtual natives in which the internet is already a part of our day by day lifestyles. Now people who would like to buy merchandise will no longer visit the mall which might be miles faraway from them, of course, they will prefer what’s more handy, which is the internet. they could look for products or services over the internet which has an simpler access. So having your product at the net will have the consumers the opportunity of being associated with your employer.

Internet advertising is cost-efficient
Each person likes saving cash, especially when you benefit lots from it.
rather than making high-priced signages, flyers, brochures or even renting steeply-priced car advertising and marketing, why not turn to the internet and market your commercial enterprise for an exchange. The internet itself is reasonably-priced and also advertising through it.

Smooth transactions
Consumers locate internet accessible and an easy get right of entry to whatever there’s at the internet. Buying or purchasing a product on-line may additionally sometimes be hard for some purchasers, but it is not the clients’ fault it may be the corporation’s flaw. you have and could have the possibility to provide a quick and a much less difficult transaction for customers to give them pure delight and provide them a reason to turn back on your enterprise and preserve purchasing or recommending your product and corporation.

Company & consumer communication
The internet provides an modern big range of communication facilities and systems making communication easier and quicker. So having the net as any other platform in your commercial enterprise will supply the clients the opportunity to discover your product and communicate together with your organisation whether or not if it’s miles approximately purchasing some other product or giving some suggestions to your commercial enterprise. Your company will also be capable of building relationships along with your happy clients.

Gives legitimacy
When you have evidence of successful transactions and your enterprise is continually visible to customers, they’ll gain trust and discover that your organisation and commercial enterprise is valid making your corporation have greater transactions and feature a boost for your income. humans choose to have transactions with shops that are verified to have engaged with different customers like them. additionally, high quality opinions are a plus in converting visitors into customers.

Attain achievement
After supplying all suitable advertising strategies the use of the internet and its systems, you have provided clients the trust in your organization and the visibility of your product. In doing so, you gain greater customers and hike up your income, making your agency reach greater income and climb up the success ladder.